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The software was designed to be simple and practical for the small farmer, however, many large farmers use the tool. Only basic features have been included (see feature tab above.) Other enhancements have been planned for future releases.


The Crop Management section of the application are based on project management theory.Cabbage Plant


Farm management software is only as good as the data entered into it. If you paid a lot of money for your software or if it is for free, it cannot work without good data and user discipline to keep it up to date.


Every farmer plans each crop to some extent; however, the idea of this software is to take detailed records that can be quickly retrieved for a later date for reference. Every year is different but basically the same parameters are plugged into each crop every planting. Gathering data based on how you farm will provide patterns over time that will help you become a better farmer over time.


This farm management software offers no warrantee expressed or implied. Please use "as is" with the assumption that there will be a minimum amount of support.


The farm manager is based on simple project management methodologies. You have a project, such as planting a crop of corn, you will have tasks associated with that crop, timelines in which time must be adjusted and most of all, record keeping. Using the farm manager is a lot like planning your next move while looking back at prior records to make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice. We realize when farming, there are a lot of variables and timelines change. This system will help you accommodate for changing conditions.

Farm Manager Theory and Fundamentals Cabbage Field

Keeping good records is essential to having an organized farm. When we built this program we visualized farmers having all of their data is one place with the ability to access it any place a smart phone can get a signal. As in all farm management software programs, the results you get out of the program are only as good as the time you spend entering data in. Some farmers spend a lot of money on very nice software packages only to find out it requires a lot of setup and daily data entry to get your money’s worth. This program is free and it is no different; it still requires a lot of data entry. You get out of it what you put into it, no more, no less.


Each part of the Farm Manager is depended upon other sections. For this reason, it is important add your vendors and use the farm inventory system. These modules along with the facility module are the basic foundation of the Farm Manager. They are designed in a manner that allows easy mobile access.


The equipment module works similar with items broken down into categories. However, the equipment module has unique features unlike the rest of the program.


The crop management module is the most complex section of the program and is where the principles of project management come into place. Each crop could be considered a project with a plan, projected dates and cost tracking. It depends on the farmer and how granular they want to get in regard to the amount of data they enter. For example, the system will work with minimum information but to get the most from the system it is best to add as much as possible.

Watch video of the Farm Manager web application features.