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Now managing over 71,000 acres



The software was designed to be simple and practical for the small farmer, however, many large farmers use the tool. Only basic features have been included (see feature tab above.) Other enhancements have been planned for future releases.


The Crop Management section of the application are based on project management theory.



Farm management software is only as good as the data entered into it. If you paid a lot of money for your software or if it is for free, it cannot work without good data and user discipline to keep it up to date. Plan your crops


Every farmer plans each crop to some extent; however, the idea of this software is to take detailed records that can be quickly retrieved for a later date for reference. Every year is different but basically the same parameters are plugged into each crop every planting. Gathering data based on how you farm will provide patterns over time that will help you become a better farmer over time.


This farm management software offers no warrantee expressed or implied. Please use "as is" with the assumption that there will be a minimum amount of support.


Watch video of the Farm Manager web application features.